Frequently Asked Questions

Go ahead, ask us anything.
How much does it cost?
Pricing is based on the total number of colours in your design, the total quantity per design to be printed, and the garment to be printed on. Our first price break is at 25 pieces and our set-up fees ($25 per colour, per design) disappear at this quantity as well.
If you’re on a tight budget, let us know! We are experts in our field and can suggest apparel choices and / or design modifications to optimize any budget.
Feel free to browse the Products and Pricing section of our website. You can view pricing for various designs at various quantities for our most popular items.
How long does it take?

Our standard turn-around time is 10 business days, and typically a few days quicker – this countdown starts from the day we have your quote fully approved and your deposit processed. The term “standard turnaround” refers to orders which don’t include additional services on the order. Some of our services and printing methods (like custom care labels) will add to the standard turnaround time.


If you have a deadline, please notify us when placing your order. Rush Fees may apply to orders needing a quicker turnaround time than what our standard turnaround time offers.

What is the minimum order amount?
We can print any quantity, from a single piece to thousands. Please keep in mind that orders of less than 25 pieces carry an initial set-up fee of $25 per colour in your design.
Feel free to browse the Products and Pricing section of our website. You can view pricing for various designs at various quantities for our most popular items.
Can I Mix & Match garment styles?

We typically limit garment choices to one style/colour per 25 pieces. Additional styles can be added to a print run for a flat-rate fee of $10 per style. Changes to the Ink Colour are priced separately.

Do you have any hidden fees?

No! We pride ourselves on transparent pricing – what you see on our website is what you get.


We don’t charge extra shipping for certain brands or garment colours. We don’t charge set-up fees on orders of 25+ pieces, either!

Is there a discount for re-orders?

Yep! We have discounted pricing for orders placed within thirty (30) days from the day your order is ready for pick-up. 

To be considered a ‘re-order’ your design spec and placements must be the same.

If your re-order quantity is in the same range or larger, we will apply a blanket discount of 10% to your invoice.

If your re-order quantity is smaller, we will apply the same quantity discount as your largest invoice. Re-orders of less than 25 pieces are subject to set-up fees.

Example A – David orders 50 hoodies and they sold out! He only needs 12 more.

The 12 additional hoodies would carry applicable set-up fees due to the low quantity – but each hoodie would qualify for the same 50 piece pricing.

Example B – David orders 50 hoodies and they sold out! Now he needs 100 more.

The 100 additional hoodies would qualify for the higher 100-piece price break, plus be discounted 10%.

Can I get a printed sample of my order before you start?

Yep! All sample orders are priced the same as a normal order.

The set-up fees from your sample can be credited towards an order of the same design and print spec if it is made within 30 days of your sample order.

Do you sponsor events or non-profits?

Of course!

We offer 10% off orders for events and non-profits in exchange for a logo placement on the tee, and a shoutout on social media.

Will you beat the price of my current t-shirt printer?
Chances are that we already do!
We have no hidden fees, and in addition to having some of the lowest wholesale prices on garments in the city, we employ many big-production policies and systems in order to increase efficiency, reduce waste, and produce better prints. In turn, this allows us to pass those savings onto our customers via our competitive pricing.
For this reason, our pricing in non-negotiable.
We do offer special discounts and promotions, though. Keep an eye on our Instagram and let us know if you’re representing a local band / musician, non-profit, or charity.
What's a ‘Set-Up' fee?

Our $25 Set-Up Fee covers the cost of preparing your design, creating the screen and setting up the press for your print. This fee is only charged once per design, per colour/screen, per order.

Remember, orders of more than 25 pieces per design are exempt from all Set Up Fees!

Do you do graphic design?

Need a little help getting your idea onto a t-shirt? All orders include a free 30 minutes of time in our Art Department for custom design, or simply to prepare your existing designs for the best possible print.

We can also connect you with established local designers to bring your concepts to life.

Visit our Custom Graphic Design page for more details.

Can I provide my own shirts?
Every order gets excellent wholesale pricing as a standard. Feel free to browse the Products and Pricing section of our website. You can view pricing for various designs at various quantities from tons of popular brands.
If you’d like to supply your own garments, please refer to the ‘Contract Order’ section of our Print Policies and Order Guidelines.
What ink colours do you have available?

Our selection of stock ink colours can be seen in our ‘Products and Pricing‘ section and are available for your design at no extra charge. We also offer custom mixes and additional speciality ink options upon inquiry.

What time are you open?

Our shop hours vary with our workload, so our studio is open by appointment only. Shoot us an email and we’ll set up a meeting!

Where are you located?

We’re located in Downtown Winnipeg, but due to the size of our team we are usually unable to accommodate walk-ins. The best starting point for any order is to request a quote right here.

Can I print over pockets, seams, or zippers?

We don’t recommend it. We do our very best to produce the best looking prints anytime we pull a squeegee. However, printing on or over any seams, collars, pockets, zippers or otherwise is subject to distortion, print imperfections, and/or other small inconsistencies.

Will you ship my order?
Sure! We ship anywhere in Canada. Freight Costs (via Canada Post) will be added to your invoice when shipping is required.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We prefer Interac Email Transfers. We also accept credit cards via Paypal, cash, cheque, and money orders.
What else do you do besides print t-shirts?
Not too much! Our focus is top notch garment printing so that we can maintain our awesome quality without getting distracted, but –
We can provide high quality decal/sticker printing, and embroidery services through small like-minded local companies that we work closely with. Email us for more details.