What is included in the Base Price?

What is included in the Base Price?

Every garment has a Base Price. Print Costs are separate from the Base Price, because your designs vary for each project.

The Base Price covers much more than the blank cost of the garment. Base Price covers everything from your first email, to the first print on press:


  • Simple pricing:
    • No extra garment charges for Extended Sizes (2XL+).
    • No extra print charges for special materials like fleece, polyester, longsleeves, etc.
    • No setup charges on 25+ pieces.
    • Digital mockups for every print location.


  • Carefully selecting comfy garments that fit great and print well, from the best brands.


  • Personalized recommendations, plus blank samples available for purchase.


  • Verifying inventory and colour availability.


  • Purchasing the blank goods and managing any backorders.


  • Any applicable shipping costs from manufacturers and distributors.


  • Receiving the shipments, sorting and splitting garments up by design, and size.


  • Inspection and quality control, both before and on press.


  • Handling any issues with warehouses or manufacturers.