How does pricing work? Can I get a quote?

How does pricing work? Can I get a quote?

Your total price per piece is based on the print cost, plus the Base Price of the garment. No setup charges, ever.


Our pricing is totally transparent – no need to wait for a quote!

You can easily check or compare prices before starting your Order. Our website shows all print costs and a wide variety of blank garment options with their Base Price.


Custom Screenprinting Pricing based on the total number of colours in your design, and the total quantity per design to be printed. Each print location is priced individually.


The minimum is 25+ pieces per design and the first price break is at 50+ pieces.


Base Prices for popular garments can be found in the Products and Pricing section of our website. Each product page has a handy chart of Print Costs for various quantities to help determine your final price per piece.


Need help figuring out your pricing before getting an Order started? Connect with our team and we can help break down the details!