Custom Direct-to-Film Digital Heat Transfers

Full-Colour Digital Heat Transfers

Direct to Film Printing is a unique print style that starts with printing designs onto a special film. Next is a heat-transfer process that has the ability to last as long as our traditional screen printing.

We recommend digital transfers for designs with lots of colours, details, or gradients. It’s also great for full-colour prints tricky materials like jackets, hats, bags and more.

Use the chart below to determine the price of an individual heat-transfer. Pricing is based on the size of your design and the total quantity of your design to be applied, plus the base price of your garment.

Pricing for Direct-to-Film Transfers does not include the base price of the garment.
Small PrintMedium PrintJumbo Print
25+ Pieces+$4.75ea+$7.50ea+$10.25ea
50+ Pieces+$4ea+$5ea+$7.00ea
100+ Pieces+$2.5ea+$4.75ea+$6.5ea
200+ Pieces+$2.25ea+$4.25ea+$6ea
500+ Pieces
Contact us for a custom quote and turnaround time larger quantities.