Hiring a local artist or design agency to help with your merchandise is a great idea – but any order can go smoother when the right people are making the right decisions. Confirming some parts of the order before the designs are finalized can help save significant time, communication, and budget.


The question: “Who Is Paying?”


The garment and total quantity have a lot of impact on the final price. So it is best to settle those details first. This allows your designer to submit the files once, instead of needing to revise if the print specs change due to budget further down the line. It’s easier for the designs to adapt to the budget, than for the entire project to adapt to the designs.


The important part of this question is about who is making that final decision, not about how big the budget is. Who knows the numbers enough to make a final approval on the order?


This will save your designer (and billable hours) from having to re-create the design to fit a larger or smaller budget.


For a deeper explanation, please visit our Tips for Working with a Designer blog post.

If you need an original design created from scratch, our in-house design team can help bring your vision to life, as well. Our in-house services start at $50/hr and you can view more of our design work right here.


We can also connect you with established local designers if your concept falls outside of our in-house design specialities.


Visit our Custom Graphic Design page or ask your Account Executive for more details.


Copyright Notes:


All original designs created by Floodway Print Company are the sole property of Floodway Print Company. If you hire us to create a design for you, you are strictly paying for the labour and thought process to produce the design. You are not paying for the ownership and rights of the design. Rights to the design can be purchased in addition to the creation fees.


Any design you submit to us for printing, that is not being created by Floodway Print Company, is owned by you or its rightful owner, not Floodway Print Company. We will not reproduce your design, trademarked or not, without you or the rightful owner’s consent.

Absolutely! Creating mockups is part of the ordering process for every order. The mockup gives a visual idea of the size and placement of your design.


Please note the digital mockup is created on a generic garment template. When printed, the design will appear larger/smaller on some shirts depending on the size of the garment being printed (example: Small vs. XL tees). Mockups are generally based on a garment in size Large.


Due to variances in monitor calibration, colours on the mockups may appear different on your screen.


Changes to the order after approving the mockup can increase turnaround times for your orders. We will not be responsible for errors, misspelling, or otherwise in approved designs and/or mockups.


Due to the massive variance between brands, sizes, styles and other factors there is always a variance in the size of a design on a mockup in relation to the garment. Designs will always be printed to the size spec on the Order. If no custom size specifications are provided the design will be printed to our in-house standard specs for the placement.


Distribution of mockups should credit Floodway Print Company.

Need a little help getting your idea onto a t-shirt? Our highest priority is doing justice to your design or logo and make sure it looks the way you want once it’s printed. Every order includes some time to help get your files ready for print.


As a free service, our team does its very best to fix pixelated artwork, to adjust and make suggestions for placements and centering, and to spot any opportunities to help optimize your design to the garment and print process. We want every print to looks the best, but adjustments exceeding 30 minutes are billed at our in-house design rate. We will always give you an estimate before doing this work, if it’s required.


Copyright Notes:


Any design preparation done is the property of Floodway Print Company. For example, if you supply a design for your order which is not ready for print, you do not own the print-ready design file. That colour-separated file is the property of Floodway Print Company, although the design itself, is still your property. These files can be purchased 


We can start with any file you have and get it ready for print. We will make it happen!


A sharp, crisp print depends on the design file and a good file is the start to a great print. The best file you have is our best starting point.


  • An unflattened vector version of your logo or design (.ai / .eps¬†/ .pdf) is ideal.¬†
  • Raster files¬†(.psd, .tif, .jpg) should be scaled to the size of your print, with a resolution of at least 300dpi for best results.
  • Every system renders fonts differently, so please remember to outline your fonts! We have a quick guide on how to outline your fonts in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop right here.


Need a hand? Every order includes a bit of time to help bring your files up to scratch, just ask your Account Executive.


We’re happy to connect with your designer to get the right files directly, as well. Talk to a Printing Pro about your project today, or shoot it through our Instant Order store.