Hiring a local artist or design agency to help with your merchandise is a great idea – but any order can go smoother when the right people are making the right decisions. Confirming some parts of the order before the designs are finalized can help save significant time, communication, and budget.


The question: “Who Is Paying?”


The garment and total quantity have a lot of impact on the final price. So it is best to settle those details first. This allows your designer to submit the files once, instead of needing to revise if the print specs change due to budget further down the line. It’s easier for the designs to adapt to the budget, than for the entire project to adapt to the designs.


The important part of this question is about who is making that final decision, not about how big the budget is. Who knows the numbers enough to make a final approval on the order?


This will save your designer (and billable hours) from having to re-create the design to fit a larger or smaller budget.


For a deeper explanation, please visit our Tips for Working with a Designer blog post.

Check out some Google Reviews to see what our awesome customers have to say. At Floodway, we’ve made Customer Service and Print Quality our top priority. There is a reason we are the best rated shop in the city, maybe even all of Canada.


Every order is important to us, down to each indivual print. Our goal is to provide a top quality product at an affordable price, with attentive personalized service each step of the way.

We’re still a small team, so to serve as many customers as thoroughly as possible, we don’t take phone calls. The best way to reach us is by email. If you don’t have a thread started already, please fill out our our contact form to get started. We ask that you refrain from sending multiple emails, as it will not result in faster service and will place your email at the bottom of the queue. Be sure to follow us on Instagram as well, where our Stories are regularly updated with answers to popular questions.


We take email communication seriously! There are two main reasons we process all orders by email instead of by phone:


Phone calls demand immediate responses, which aren’t always the best responses. Email lets our team take a moment to gather the necessary information and consider all of your detail before drafting a response. We’re a small team too, so it can often be tough to get on the phone when the press is spinnin’.


You can’t go back and review a phone call. Each order has its own unique set of variables between the garment, sizes, colours, designs, and print process. It saves a ton of time (and potential headaches!) to have a written reference.


Email threads are best for exchanging detailed information so that we can nail the expectations for your order.

Unfortunately we cannot book any orders by phone at this time. Please contact us by email.

We can do it!

If you have a strict deadline, please notify your Account Executive as early as possible during the order process. Talk to a Printing Pro, let’s get started!


Rush Orders are subject to availability. Availability of Rush Services are on a first come, first serve basis and availability can not be guaranteed.


Orders needing a quicker turnaround time than what our standard turnaround offers can take advantage of Rush Services. This service schedules your order ahead of booked orders and guarantees the date, so it is only fair that a fee applies for this priority.


Rush Service charges cover expedited processing, extra production & booking logistics, express shipping, and adjustments to our print schedule to accommodate the deadline.


– Standard Turnaround Time:


10-12 Business Days.

No additional charge.


– Rush Services:


5 – 10 Business Days, when available.

+$50 flat rate. On ‘Rush Ready‘ garments only.


3 -4 Business Days, when available.

+$85 flat rate. On ‘Rush Ready‘ garments only.


– Hot Rush:


Next Day, when available.

+$195 flat rate. On ‘Rush Ready‘ garments only.




The availability of your Blank Garment is one of the biggest hurdles of a Rush Order. We’ve prepared a selection of Rush Ready Garments to help narrow down your search for quality items that are readily available for Rush Services.


Note: Rush Orders do not have guaranteed quantities! The tight deadline does not allow for additional pieces to be ordered and printed in case of print or garment defects. We highly recommend ordering extras of each size to avoid the possibility of the aforementioned issues on your Rush Order if a specific quantity is required.

We aim to provide a quick and easy Order Process, every step of the way. We’ll need your design, an approximate quantity, and an idea of the garment style to get started.

Here is a quick rundown of how a typical order moves through our studio.


  1. Connect – We specialize in bringing the details together and helping you through the process. Talk to a Printing Pro or check out the Instant Order platform.
  2. Confirm Your Details – Your design, your garment choice, and your total quantity of pieces for the order are the most important aspects to confirm.
  3. Approve Your Order – Don’t pay a cent until your Order and design mockups are approved!
  4. Payment & Production – After approval and payment we’re all set. Your garments are sent to our studio, and we prepare the presses to print your design.
  5. Ready for Pickup – Your order has made its way through the studio and is ready for pickup, or shipping. To the masses!

Your total price per piece is based on the print cost, plus the Base Price of the garment. No setup charges, ever. At Floodway, we produce top quality printing on the comfiest garments without breaking the bank.


Custom Screenprinting Pricing based on the total number of colours in your design, and the total quantity per design to be printed. Each print location is priced individually.


Floodway’s pricing is totally transparent! With our Instant Order platform you can select a garment, upload your design, and get instant pricing – no need to wait for a quote. Plus, your Order goes straight into production!


Easily check or compare prices before starting your Order. Our website shows all print costs and a wide variety of blank garment options with their Base Price.


Not every item is on the Instant Order platform, yet. In the meantime you can browse Base Prices for a wider selection garments in the Products and Pricing section of our website. Each product page has a handy chart of Print Costs for various quantities to help determine your final price per piece.


The minimum is 25+ pieces per design or garment style, and the first price break is at 50+ pieces.


Need help figuring out your pricing before getting an Order started? Talk to a Printing Pro and we can help break down the details!

Yes, the minimum quantity is x25 pieces per print or garment style.


The first price break is at 50+ pieces, and no set-up charges. This includes a mix of sizes – but the print colour, specs, and garment colour must be the same.


Custom Screenprinting Pricing is based on the total number of colours in your design, the total quantity per design to be printed, plus the garment to be printed on.


The minimum for each additional print location is x25 pieces:


  • 1 Print Location: Minimum x25 Pieces
  • 2 Print Locations: Minimum x50 Pieces
  • 3 Print Locations: Minimum x75 Pieces
  • 4 Print Locations: Minimum x100 Pieces


Custom Screenprinting may not be the most economical choice for some smaller projects, compared to other available processes.


Get in touch and a member of our Team can help weigh the decision, and even point you in the right direction if we can recommend a more effective solution. If we’re not the right shop, we can help find who is!

We can start with any file you have and get it ready for print. We will make it happen!


A sharp, crisp print depends on the design file and a good file is the start to a great print. The best file you have is our best starting point.


  • An unflattened vector version of your logo or design (.ai / .eps / .pdf) is ideal. 
  • Raster files (.psd, .tif, .jpg) should be scaled to the size of your print, with a resolution of at least 300dpi for best results.
  • Every system renders fonts differently, so please remember to outline your fonts! We have a quick guide on how to outline your fonts in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop right here.


Need a hand? Every order includes a bit of time to help bring your files up to scratch, just ask your Account Executive.


We’re happy to connect with your designer to get the right files directly, as well. Talk to a Printing Pro about your project today, or shoot it through our Instant Order store.

We’ll get it done! For most orders with no add-on services, the standard turnaround time is less than 10 business days.


This countdown starts when your order is fully approved and payment processed, so remember to budget time to bring your details together. As a small business we must prioritize submissions that include their design files, garment choices, and quantities! So get in touch with a Printing Pro or submit your order through our Instant Order platform.


– Standard Turnaround Time:


5-10 Business Days.

No additional charge.


– Rush Services:


3 -4 Business Days, when available.

+$85 flat rate. On ‘Rush Ready‘ garments only.


– Hot Rush:


Next Day, when available.

+$195 flat rate. On ‘Rush Ready‘ garments only.


A ‘business day’ is considered every working day of the week, and does not include weekends or Civic/Stat Holidays. The cutoff time for a business day is 3PM Central. Please remember that we answer all messages in queue, so details arriving too close to cutoff may not get reached by the cutoff time.


Some services and printing methods (like custom care labels, woven label sewing, specialty inks, special print locations, etc.) add to the standard turnaround time and may not be available for Rush Services.


Turnaround time does not include the pickup date or shipping time. For example, if you need to pick up (or have your order shipped) on a Friday, your deadline should be set to Thursday.