When should my designer send the files?

When should my designer send the files?

Hiring a local artist or design agency to help with your merchandise is a great idea – but any order can go smoother when the right people are making the right decisions. Confirming some parts of the order before the designs are finalized can help save significant time, communication, and budget.


The question: “Who Is Paying?”


The garment and total quantity have a lot of impact on the final price. So it is best to settle those details first. This allows your designer to submit the files once, instead of needing to revise if the print specs change due to budget further down the line. It’s easier for the designs to adapt to the budget, than for the entire project to adapt to the designs.


The important part of this question is about who is making that final decision, not about how big the budget is. Who knows the numbers enough to make a final approval on the order?


This will save your designer (and billable hours) from having to re-create the design to fit a larger or smaller budget.


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