What type of ink is used for screenprinting?

What type of ink is used for screenprinting?

We specialize in screenprinting plastisol inks only. We do not offer water-based or dye-discharge inks at this time. Each ink type has its unique benefits and limitations.


Plastisol ink is easier for our small operation to work with, and yields bright and opaque prints. Waterbased and dye-discharge inks can achieve super soft prints, but typically not as bright or easier to work with for smaller runs.


While plastisol inks cannot achieve as soft of a print, we specialize in striking a balance between a bright detailed print, and a soft comfortable-to-wear print.


We are aiming to expand into a wider variety of ink types in 2018 as we move into our new studio, but these processes are typically held to a higher minimum than plastisol ink prints, making them less economical for smaller runs than plastisol inks.

We only offer options that we can stand behind 100%.