Do you offer Rush Services?

Do you offer Rush Services?

If you have a strict deadline, please notify your Account Executive during your order process. Rush Orders are subject to availability. Availability of Rush Services are on a first come, first serve basis and availability can not be guaranteed.


Orders needing a quicker turnaround time than what our standard turnaround offers can take advantage of Rush Services. This service schedules your order ahead of booked orders and guarantees the date, so it is only fair that a fee applies for this priority.


Rush Service charges cover expedited processing, extra production & booking logistics, express shipping, and adjustments to our print schedule to accommodate the deadline.


Charges vary based on the complexity and logistics of the project.




The availability of your Blank Garment is one of the biggest hurdles of a Rush Order. We’ve prepared a selection of Rush Ready Garments to help narrow down your search for quality items that are readily available for Rush Services.


Choosing a garment outside of the Rush Ready category may incur additional express shipping charges, or face issues with stock availability.


Note: Rush Orders do not have guaranteed quantities! The tight deadline does not allow for additional pieces to be ordered and printed in case of print or garment defects. We highly recommend ordering extras of each size to avoid the possibility of the aforementioned issues on your Rush Order if a specific quantity is required.