Do you offer Custom Embroidery?

Do you offer Custom Embroidery?

We used to offer embroidery services by outsourcing to a local supplier. After some success we ultimately found it was a distraction from screen printing, and we have stopped offering embroidery outsourcing services.


Floodway was founded after frustrations as customers in regards to both quality, and customer service. Both screen printing and automated sewing are individual crafts and our industry has a tendency to split its focus between both print and embroidery.


With screen printing, we’ve known since day one that understanding the relationship between design, garment, and print process are key to a great final product. In turn, we’ve always dedicated our extra time and resources to improving the print process, testing new inks or garments, and mastering techniques.


Specializing in screen printing in-house lends itself to a higher level of accountability, reliability, and efficiency. This allows us to offer screen printing confidently, to truly understand costs, and to package it into a trusted service for a wide range of clients.


In our opinion, many compromises must be made when part of the process is being outsourced, or when a team’s focus is split between two distinct production lines.


Passion in the process puts perfection in the work, so we’ve strengthened our commitment to screen printing by dropping embroidery outsourcing services. Every person on our team is focussed on understanding and improving the screen print process.