Can I see a design proof before I confirm my order?

Can I see a design proof before I confirm my order?

Absolutely! Creating mockups is part of the ordering process for every order. The mockup gives a visual idea of the size and placement of your design.


Please note the digital mockup is created on a generic garment template. When printed, the design will appear larger/smaller on some shirts depending on the size of the garment being printed (example: Small vs. XL tees). Mockups are generally based on a garment in size Large.


Due to variances in monitor calibration, colours on the mockups may appear different on your screen.


Changes to the order after approving the mockup can increase turnaround times for your orders. We will not be responsible for errors, misspelling, or otherwise in approved designs and/or mockups.


Due to the massive variance between brands, sizes, styles and other factors there is always a variance in the size of a design on a mockup in relation to the garment. Designs will always be printed to the size spec on the Order. If no custom size specifications are provided the design will be printed to our in-house standard specs for the placement.


Distribution of mockups should credit Floodway Print Company.