Can I supply my own garments?

Can I supply my own garments?

We do not typically decorate garments supplied by our clients. Handling supplied blanks introduces many challenges. This type of order process is best suited to clients with their own clients, who have prior experience ordering screen print services. We accept new clients for this service on a case-by-case basis only so talk to a Printing Pro about your project.


We can’t source everything, so we recognize that some situations require supplied garments.
If your project is accepted, these guidelines will help the order process roll smoothly when supplying garments for printing.


The four biggest requirements for supplying garments are these:


  • Garment quantities and descriptions must be accurate and confirmed before they are sent to Floodway. Changes to orders before approval are subject to additional charges.
  • Design must be in vector format, ready to print. Raster designs must be 300dpi+ and to size.
  • Garments must be sorted by design before arriving.
  • Orders must meet minimum order quantities for all services.


We cannot take on these orders if we have to sort garments, or prepare designs. It’s critical that designs and details are ready to go.


Spoilage & Under Run Allowance


Custom printing is an art form, We are experts at our craft and we do our very best to deliver, at minimum, the ordered quantity for each and every size on your order. Our overall spoilage rate is less than 1%. However, printing mistakes can and do happen.

If a specific quantity is required, we advise clients to supply +3% of the total amount of garments as a spoilage buffer. For example, if exactly 100 pieces are required we recommend supplying at least 103 pieces.

All of the garments we carry and supply are tested in-house to work with our processes. We cannot make this same guarantee with garments that we do not source ourselves. For these reasons, Supplied Garments carry no guarantee on print, or garment.

Supplied garments do not qualify for any refunds, replacements, or credits.


Supplying the Garments


A huge amount of garments flow in and out of our studio daily. These guidelines will help ensure your garments are received and processed quickly and accurately. It is crucial that your Order arrives separated by design, and split by size.


  • Your print specs must be decided and approved before we receive any garments. We require your Order to be fully Approved before receiving any items. All designs, quantities, and colour combos must be approved on your Order before receiving any items. Not providing a summary is subject to an automatic minimum sorting charge.
  • Orders shipped unsorted or mixed up are subject to sorting fees of $75 per hour, $50 minimum per order.
  • There is a $0.20ea charge for garments needing to be individually unwrapped.


Print Pricing and Minimums


Contract Orders do not qualify for waived set-up fees at any quantity and are subject to a minimum order quantity. Contract Order quantities are based on one style garment in any variation of sizes per order. Please consult your Account Executive for custom pricing details when planning to get the same print across several different garment styles. Some garment mixes require extra considerations on press which may carry extra costs, or minimums.


  • Orders with a single-colour print in a single location are held to a minimum of 50 pieces.
  • Orders with multiple print colours, or multiple print locations, or both, are held to a minimum of 100 pieces.
  • Orders with 4+ colour prints, or CMYK Process prints are held to a minimum of 150 pieces.
  • Orders with Custom Care Labels are held to a minimum of 100 pieces per setup on press.
    Tip: Use one of our Label Templates for a single label setup with multiple size indicators.


Extra Charges


Some garments and print locations are tougher and slower to produce. These charges are typically built into our markup on the individual garments.

For supplied garments add +$1 per piece, per print, for the following:


  • Prints on fleece.
  • Prints on longsleeves or pant legs.
  • Prints on 100% polyester.
  • Custom / tricky print placements.