Can I submit an order by phone? Or only by email?

Can I submit an order by phone? Or only by email?

We take email communication seriously! There are two main reasons we process all orders by email instead of by phone:


Phone calls demand immediate responses, which aren’t always the best responses. Email lets our team take a moment to gather the necessary information and consider all of your detail before drafting a response. We’re a small team too, so it can often be tough to get on the phone when the press is spinnin’.


You can’t go back and review a phone call. Each order has its own unique set of variables between the garment, sizes, colours, designs, and print process. It saves a ton of time (and potential headaches!) to have a written reference.


Email threads are best for exchanging detailed information so that we can nail the expectations for your order.

Unfortunately we cannot book any orders by phone at this time. Please contact us by email.