Can you create an original design for me?

Can you create an original design for me?

If you need an original design created from scratch, our in-house design team can help bring your vision to life, as well. Our in-house services start at $50/hr and you can view more of our design work right here.


We can also connect you with established local designers if your concept falls outside of our in-house design specialities.


Visit our Custom Graphic Design page or ask your Account Executive for more details.


Copyright Notes:


All original designs created by Floodway Print Company are the sole property of Floodway Print Company. If you hire us to create a design for you, you are strictly paying for the labour and thought process to produce the design. You are not paying for the ownership and rights of the design. Rights to the design can be purchased in addition to the creation fees.


Any design you submit to us for printing, that is not being created by Floodway Print Company, is owned by you or its rightful owner, not Floodway Print Company. We will not reproduce your design, trademarked or not, without you or the rightful owner’s consent.