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No. 1… with strings attached


A website ranking Winnipeg businesses is asking companies to pay for top spots while touting itself as 100 per cent reader supported.

Best in Winnipeg has at least 100 lists ranking the city’s greatest organizations. Its website claims more than 100,000 Winnipeg residents rely on its reviews.

However, “The way that they present it is… unethical,” said Cory Beal, owner of Floodway Print Company.



Our founder Cory was recently featured in the Winnipeg Free Press! Check out the full article right here.


We made an Instagram Reel for it, too!

Super grateful for this opportunity to sit down with long-time print pal, Chessie from Squeegee & Ink. We shared some unpopular opinions about our industry, some Lean and productivity thoughts, and some banter about Northern England – of course.

Chessie chats with Cory about his approach to challenging the screen print community online, pubs in Yorkshire, England and of course we hear Cory’s unpopular opinion about the industry. Cory Beal is the owner of Floodway Print Company. Based in Winnipeg, Canada, Floodway is a print business built upon the principle that by starting with delivering the best customer experience and working out the process required to deliver that experience you will inevitably always be open to new ways of doing things.


Cory linked up with Gavin on T-Shirt Business Podcast and talked about how Lean Manufacturing will change your Tshirt Business game. We covered a couple reasons you should embrace Lean Manufacturing.


Tshirt Business Podcast is all about connecting and serving business owners in the t-shirt business space.⁣⁣ Business owners, creators, and vendors that serve t-shirt businesses come here to learn and level up their life and business.


Past episodes include guests like: Ryan Moor – Founder / CEO of Ryonet and ROQ.US, Bruce Ackerman – Founder / CEO of Printavo, and Marshall Atkinson – Founder of Atkinson Consulting. So it’s an honour to join the platform!

Go listen to the full conversation by finding “T-shirt Business Podcast” on your favourite podcast platform. Search for “T-shirt Business Podcast” on Apple, Spotify, and YouTube to listen and subscribe.

Our little reclaim department was featured in this month’s Images Mag! Super stoked to share the ‘Screen Tracker’ tool I built using Google Forms & Sheets, Data Studio, and Zapier.


View the original spread in the online version of Images Mag UK.


“A label maker, a cheap barcode scanner and Google Forms – Cory
Beal shares his simple yet effective technique for monitoring screens
at Floodway Print Company”

Floodway-friend Graham McCallum [portfolio] stopped by the shop recently to shoot some photos and ask a couple quick questions about the beginning, the memories, the process, and more. Check out the full interview and gallery, and enjoy a snippet + a couple favourite snaps courtesy below.

“It took a while to pick the name. We’re in a competitive industry so lots of the obvious choices were already taken and we wanted an original and unique name. We landed on Floodway for a couple reasons. It’s instantly recognizable as a local landmark, so that made it stand out from our list right away. The floodway was built to help protect the city, and we feel a responsibility in our industry to help clients avoid disasters like late deliveries, bad quality, etc – so the saves-the-day aspect combined with a visual of fast rushing water lends itself to our service, as well. We move quickly and efficiently, much like water. Last but not least, in screenprinting we have a ‘print’ stroke, and a ‘flood’ stroke that brings ink back over the stencil. So the ‘flood way’ is a subtle nod towards our process, too!”