Happy New Year! Let’s chat about ideas & direction for 2020.

Happy New Year! Let’s chat about ideas & direction for 2020.

It’s a new year today, January 1st and I wanted to jump on the bandwagon a bit here make a quick year-end thank you video and blog post to talk about upcoming ideas and direction of our new Youtube channel.

There’s already more than 50 subscribers so we figured it’d be good to chime in here and lay out some plans for the year. Partly to keep y’all in the loop, but also to give ourselves some accountability and goals to stick to.

Floodway was founded over five years ago now and I think the biggest impacts on the shop have been from simple ideas. Stuff that has been picked up from other industries like restaurant serving, or riding BMX, or really any outside influences. I think I want to make videos that kinda show or celebrate the thought process that goes into how things are done. And not just printing, but everything around here.

So I want to focus this content on the inner workings of the shop here that I think could reach and benefit more types of work than just screen printing, yaknow? More to do with how we get to that perfect print in a timely, smooth, struggle free process that leaves us feeling stoked and fulfilled at the end of the day rather than how we do it. And I’m not saying we’re sitting on our best secrets here or anything because I hate that. If you have a question for me I have an answer! The ink we use or the blanks we choose are not any part of our secret sauce. I think it’s really all about how we choose those things and how we use them. There’s no recipe for the way we do things here besides learning how to see waste and understand processes a bit differently.

If we look at a map of our process from client email to pickup, printing the shirts is one of about 30 steps and it’s very very near the end. So when I started this business in 2014 I was kinda blown away by how little being a good screen printer has to do with all the other processes outside of printing the shirt – and that’s true for most businesses. There’s a lot that goes into a pizza before it gets cut into pieces.



I never set off to be a consultant, or to be sponsored and endorse products in the screen printing industry, and I think that will show itself in the ideas that we film here because I really want to focus on things that will help our clients who run their own businesses see waste in a new way, and introduce concepts that have been working for us here at Floodway.

Any improvement we make either needs to make the process safer, increase quality, make it simpler, or faster. Cheaper isn’t really a factor, but more like a byproduct of those four things.

I think it’s really important to be good at evaluating a process or product. I would love to review, compare or privately beta test products and equipment for companies because I think we have an outstanding eye for valuable improvements, but we never want that to use anything in our shop that isn’t the best for clients, and by that I mean any improvement we make either needs to make the process safer, increase quality, make it simpler, or faster. Cheaper isn’t really a factor, but more like a byproduct of those four things. So that’ll be a huge chunk of our content, I really want to review some of the unexpectedly simple products and no-frills equipment we use here.

So back to the clients, It’s always the needs of our clients that come before things like this channel obviously. But our plans for these videos is to introduce ideas that we actually have tested and use in our day to day business. We can use the videos to help train new members of our team as we grow, but more importantly they can be made available for others to learn why we do things certain ways and pull some of those ideas into your own processes. Because in my experience watching tutorials or unboxing clips, it’s a lot of ‘how’ but rarely any ‘why’. And the absolute best part is that even in the very few videos I’ve uploaded so far I’ve already had some awesome conversations with other shops and I want to have more, bigtime. I am constantly learning from shops both smaller and larger than us so I really want to chat. I seriously will answer every comment or DM because I love it.

I do this in my spare time but the goal is to get a new video out least every two weeks. That’s two a month. We’re working hard on dialling in the workflow so that we can film and edit these things efficiently and have them look awesome. So maybe we will show a bit of that once things are running smooth, as well.

So with that schedule called out it means I’d really appreciate your help on something. I’m always down to chat on Instagram DMs or in the comments, and that’s where most of my ideas for videos have come from. I have a huge list of things we need to cover for our own training and documentation at the shop but your questions are what really drives the decision on what to film next based on what our clients and viewers are interested in.

So stay tuned. This year we want to focus on WHY we do things and that’s going to push the videos in what I think will be a pretty unique direction. So thanks again to everyone that’s subscribed so far and stay tuned because I have a couple things on the way that I have been dying to film at the shop. Happy New Year to you all!