Floodway – Building Brand Ambassadors with Custom Screen Printing Since 2014!

Floodway – Building Brand Ambassadors with Custom Screen Printing Since 2014!

This summer marks a big milestone for us at Floodway, and we almost missed it during our busiest summer so far – it’s our privilege to be celebrating FIVE WHOLE YEARS IN BUSINESS! It’s been a wild ride, from figuring out how to make screens in a basement, to a small shop on Portage, and now seeing how far our team has come in our new space on McDermot. We’ve printed for over a thousand different clients, and it’s been a dream come true.

We’re most pumped on upgrading to automatic printing equipment and settling into our new 5000sq/ft facility in The Exchange District. This new shop gives us the resources we need for equipment that produces higher quality with less effort, a long-term investment to keep costs low for our clients. It also gives us some retail space to start expanding our own line of designs, in addition to our passion of helping Winnipeg businesses with their own custom merch.


Floodway all began with me, Cory. I was a couple years younger and involved with putting on BMX events in Winnipeg. We had a ton of trouble getting our merch printed, and curiousity above improving our product led to a fascinating with screen printing and the processes around it. Now we’ve grown to a team of four dedicated and loyal full-time employees.


Here’s a little perspective on how much we’ve grown over the year. We used to buy white ink in quarts, one at a time, maybe every month or two. And now we get it in 5gal buckets every few weeks! Same with the emulsion we use to coat our screens – we used to do a gallon per month if we were busy. Now we’re using a gallon every few days!

Back in the day a ‘big order’ for us was around 100 pieces, because it would take a full morning or afternoon to print. Nowadays we can crush a stack of 100 pieces in about an hour, with a higher quality print and less physical effort from our team.


Can I just take a moment to thank Y’ALL!? We have the best clients a company could ask for. Your support for local businesses and passion for growing your own projects inspires us every day! I can’t thank you all enough for your support over the past five years.

We started from humble beginnings with one thing in mind: to make better prints, easier. We’re proud to still celebrate improvements every day and continually find new ways to improve our process and increase quality so that we can avoid the never-ending cycle of rising costs. This ‘long term’ thinking may have potentially slowed our growth, but only to a pace that allows us to make conscious decisions about how we can be the best service provider possible for our clients, our community, and our planet.

Again, I just want to thank you all for your support over the past five years. We couldn’t have done it without you! Here’s to the next five!


Cory Beal

Production Manager & Founder